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As well as the dancing, Babylon perform a mummers play.

This is a traditional play featuring a combat between King George and a series of opponents, all of whom are killed. A quack doctor is then summoned who revives the slain. One or more totally unrelated characters then appear and beg for money. Father Christmas gets involved by apparently being the father of all of King George's victims.

We don't understand it either!

It might help if you had a look at the script (or it might not).


Back in 2001 we took the play round Sherborne, Dorset, on the Wednesday before Christmas. There's more about that evening here (including some photos).

In 2009 The tour was to Bridport, on the Saturday before Christmas. There are some photos of that day here.

If you'd like to find out more about mumming, visit the English Folk Play Research Home Page. This includes items on the history of the plays, various scripts and photos of current and historical performances. There are also loads of links to other sites concerned with mumming.